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Construction Website Design Services



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When searching for experts in construction and contracting, your potential clients want some information. This includes your experience, specifics on what services you provide, and your position in the industry. Clients want information concerning job descriptions and expertise of your employees, such as construction managers, proposal development, on-site supervisors, finish carpenters, or drywall installers. They want to know it all. 

At GraFitz Group Network, we strive to create a website that shows off your company’s core competencies, strengths, and accomplishments, while highlighting your affordability. We want to highlight your excellent interpersonal skills, professional attitude, and ability to manage projects independently. From site inspections, checking materials, measurements and workmanship, to new techniques, procedures, practices and processes that you have introduced or developed, we want to make sure your clients know why your construction company is the best choice for the job. 

Our design team will give your construction company website a clean, professional look, while addressing as many areas of potential client interest as possible. GraFitz Group Network can also help your customers find you with our search engine optimization package. Our SEO team will help make sure your potential customers know your construction company is out there. We specialize in making businesses in the Huntington WV and Tri-State Area accessible to their potential clients. With geographic optimization, as well as Facebook implementation, the team at GraFitz Group Network can help put your construction company “on the map”. 

Does all of this sound intimidating? No worries! Our copywriting team will assist in gathering and writing your website content, and ensure that your website has the professional look and sound that your business needs.  We will meet with you to learn about your company’s needs, and continually ensure that the content of your website accurately represents your business, services, products, and work force. 

Contact GraFitz Group Network today and let's get started in optimizing your company and expanding your client base. 

GraFitz Group Network is a Tri-State leader in the advertising and marketing services of web design, web development, search engine optimization, commercial printing, audio/video production, graphic design, Internet marketing, and more. 

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At GraFitz Group Network, we believe that promoting your business is also promoting ourselves.

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