Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Your advertising message says a lot about your business. The quality of your advertising is a direct reflection on your reputation. GraFitz Group Network has invested heavily in the latest digital and high-definition technology, and put it in the hands of our experienced and professional production team to bring your brand to life. From script to screen, our team is committed to your success.

GraFitz Group Network works with a team of young video professionals and Marshall University students that produce amateur video at an affordable rate, including:

  • TV commercials
  • Marketing promotional videos
  • Corporate training videos
  • Video pre-production
  • Video post-production
  • Streaming videos
  • Flash videos
  • Online presentations
  • Marketing videos
  • Webmercials
  • Viral videos
  • Web anchors
  • …and more!

And GraFitz Group Network offers all of this at an extremely reduced rate.

Pre-Production Planning

Prior planning prevents poor performance, and plays a very important role in the video production process. Here are some of the steps involved.

  • Determine video project goals
  • Create outline & script
  • Arrange for talent (if needed)
  • Establish shooting schedules
  • Establish shoot locations
  • Record professional narration
  • Select licensed production music
  • Add sound effects

Field and Studio Production

No two projects are exactly alike. That’s why we offer a broad selection of field production and studio production tools. This helps us to put the power of video to best advantage for our customers. We start by helping to select the right equipment, format, and video crew to complete your project. This is best determined by evaluating the intended use, budget, and the estimated length of the video program.

Our professional quality video production crews create productions with impact and value that will last for many years.


From simple transitions to the most elaborate effects, our post production, nonlinear editing systems provide ultra-fast editing capabilities at the hands of our experienced personnel. A broad array of text and graphics, including 2D and 3D animation, are also used to enhance our post production projects at GraFitz Group Network. These dynamic elements add credibility and viewer interest for the people you want to reach the most. 

Non-Linear Video Editing

We have multiple video editing systems for standard and high definition video editing. This allows us to pick the best non-linear editor for your project. Our video edit systems can go on location, so for long format programs or special assignments we can even bring our suite to you! All Pro Media's edit capabilities include:

  • Choice of standard or high definition editing
  • Full digital quality
  • Real time 2D and 3D special effects
  • Multiple layering for both audio and video
  • Robust graphic capability
  • 3D Animation
  • Serial deck control for efficient capture
  • Master to Betacam SP, HDV, MiniDV, and D9
  • Finish to DVD, CD-ROM, and streaming video for the web 
  • SDI digital archival for flawless re-edit

Closed Captioning Service

When your project is ready for television, the last step may be to add FCC required closed captioning. Since January 1, 2006, the FCC has required that most new English language programming on television be captioned. From transcription to finished master, GraFitz Group Network offers fast and affordable closed captioning services to meet your programming and accessibility needs.

Project Archival

When your project is finished, our job is not over. At GraFitz Group Network, each edited final production is maintained on digital video masters. This provides a master and a source for re-edits. In addition, we are careful to archive the raw materials from the production, including critical audio and graphic files. This careful attention to detail is just one of the ways we go the extra mile for our customers.

DVD and CD Authoring Duplication and Replication

All Pro Media provides duplication for a variety of formats including DVD, CD-ROM, mini CD-ROM, VHS, Betacam SP, and more. In addition, we offer many packaging options for each format.

Perhaps you want to distribute your corporate marketing presentation on CD-ROM. You want a splash page displaying your logo, phone number, and maybe a link to your website (PC and Mac compatible please). No problem! A year later you may want to release the same video on DVD. Again, no problem. Regardless of the finished distribution format, we create video productions with the same high quality digital formats, and archive them to a digital video master. If you need an alternate format later on, you can count on GraFitz Group Network for a solution.

Contact GraFitz Group Network today to learn more about our video production services. 

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