People today are actively involved with media when they are on the move. Mobile advertising and targeting is essential for reaching users on the go, from business people, to commuters, to students. Different data points will help the experts at GraFitz Group Network to target the most relevant audience for your business, even when they are on the go. 

  • Conquest Retargeting—Serve ads to users who have been to your competitor’s store or site. 
  • Loyalty Retargeting—Ads delivered to people who have been to your store or site previously. 
  • Site Retargeting—Serve ads to people and devices that have previously visited the advertiser’s mobile site.
  • Location History—Target devices that have appeared in the target area within the past two years. 
  • Precise Targeting—Direct ads to visitors when they enter target areas. 
  • Device Matching—Use identified phones as a seed list to expand research to similar audiences. 


Geo-fencing will cut down on wasted mobile ads by delivering only to the highest performing subsections of the geo-fence. This means that users who are interested, not just users nearby, will see your advertisements. GraFitz Group Network uses geo-fencing to optimize your advertising campaign by targeting users who are inside your physical retail locations. 

Campus Geo Targeting

GraFitz Group Network serves your ads to students on campus and mobile websites they visit.

Mobile App Networks

We offer many mobile App network solutions across a variety of demographic audiences. This helps us to target the audiences you are trying to reach. Targeting these audience groups and the sites they visit will enhance the effectiveness of your ad campaign. 

Behavioral Targeting

This unique method is used by GraFitz Group Network to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. This technique utilizes information on the individual’s web browsing habits in order to advertise to those users most likely to visit your site.

Contextual Targeting 

Contextual Targeting is a tool that enables advertisers to choose the keywords that best describe their products and services. This results in pairing your ads with websites that contain those words, helping meet your potential clients at every turn. 


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