The Process

The Process

At GraFitz Group Network we use a creative mix of project management, copy, intriguing designs, and bold details. And most importantly, we want you, the client, to be happy with everything you see! 

7 Easy Websites/Branding Marketing Advantages at GraFitz Group Network

1. Consultation

We begin with talking to you, our client. We want to know what you envision for your website. Whether we are designing a new site from scratch, or maybe just helping you to rebrand and refresh, we want all the input you have to offer.

2. Logo

A Logo is a must-have. After all, you never get a second chance at a first impression. This is the starting point for your business identity. It helps shape how people perceive your business. Your logo will become your corporate identity; it relays what exactly your business does. Your logo is your first impression, and a business with no logo is a business less able to reach customers. 

3. Branding Concepts

Branding concepts can be your most powerful asset. Your branding concept personifies what you want your business and products to be. It should be distinctive, enduring, and unique to your business. There are several components to a brand: logo, product design, company or product name, packaging, and the marketing media you decide to use.

4. Web Development

In this technological age, having a website is very important to any business—just as important as having an actual business card. A website is always working for you; it never needs to rest, it’s open 24 hours, and it clearly communicates what your company does. It's your salesman, you cashier, your virtual retail store, and a host of other things. Some businesses cannot survive without a website. Others may be able to get by without one, but why just get by when you can flourish! In many cases, a quality website will increase sales and expands your client base.

5. Bells and Whistles

Great websites, like catalogs, are a lot of work; hours of design and planning go into them. Depending on features and functionality, they can become costly. In a lot of ways, investing in a website is like buying a car; price is based on the quality and features of the vehicle. In other words, you get what you pay for. The more features and the more quality time spent designing it, the more it can cost. In order to represent your business in a professional manner and to do business in the best possible way, you have to continually update your website and be aware of how customers and clients access your site. It's good to know what your website needs and what it will do for you and your customers. For example, your website can feature some of the following: customized web page design, Flash animations, database access, shopping cart, merchant account for acceptance of credit card payments, map, ftp, forums, contact info, photo gallery, video, audio, etc.

6.Quality Resources

The next step is to acquire quality resources. Investing in good photography and copywriting is a good way to begin before going into heavy advertising. Good imaging (photography) for your advertising equals a good image for your business. Many times you can do text advertisement yourself, but when it involves photography we recommend hiring someone skilled to help you. This is very important if your business sells products which customers need to visualize.

7. Design and Print

The last step is to design and print your marketing pieces. This may include, but is not limited to: business cards, brochures, catalogs, menus, presentation kits, flyers, posters and mailers. In addition to meeting all of your design needs, the experts at GraFitz Group Network are also prepared to handle your printing services at an affordable rate. 

GraFitz Group Network is a Tri-State leader in the advertising and marketing services of web design, web development, search engine optimization, commercial printing, audio/video production, graphic design, Internet marketing, and more. 

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