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We built the agency brick by brick, good person by good person, helping dozens and dozens of young players fulfill their NFL dreams and helping make good players into great NFL players. We did it through treating each player like family. We've had players who are like part of our family on almost every NFL team. Our clients value our services and are loyal examples of the kind of good people we want to help chase down their NFL dreams.

Case Study

The Task

David Rich, Certified NFL Agent and president of Rich Sports Management, sought out the experts at GraFitz Group Network as a startup business in need of website, print collateral, brand—everything. David E. Rich is an NFLPA and CFLPA certified agent, and focuses on players as individuals and people, not numbers—there is never a player #13B. Rich Sports Management wanted to create a company website that accurately portrayed the agency’s deep rooted core values, player dedication, and expert abilities for negotiating NFL contracts. GraFitz Group Network would be responsible for conveying all of this information accurately, practically, and in a way that was aesthetically pleasing.

The Opportunity

When the GraFitz Group Network team went to discuss the website project with Rich Sports Management, we began to develop a marketing plan for Rich Sports Management to put this sports agency on the map. A consistent and up-to-date brand would be necessary for an undertaking like an agency website, and the website needed to reflect the same look and information found in the print collateral. We knew that David E. Rich was a highly qualified sports agent, and we wanted to launch his new business with a bang.

Our team began working with Rich Sports Management to create their unique brand and give it a clean, professional look across all media.

Our Strategy

Rich Sports Management agreed to a total brand and website build with a new, consistent marketing strategy across print and digital platforms. GraFitz Group Network undertook to develop a sleek new logo and branding style for Rich Sports Management, while remaining true to the sports management industry aesthetic, and reflecting the Rich Sports Management core values.

Our Objectives

  • Create company logo and develop a consistent brand
  • Reinforce the new brand through agency website and various corporate print collateral items
  • Expound on who Rich Sports Management is and what they do
  • A company website launch to reinforce new branding, expound on all aspects of the agency’s services, and create consistency between the printed company collateral and the agency website
  • Optimize agency website to spread the word about Rich Sports Management

The Research

The first step to any marketing strategy is to understand our client and the industry in which they operate. The team at GraFitz Group Network immediately set to work researching the world of sports management. We gathered information on all the services Rich Sports Management provided, as well as researching the industry itself and exactly what makes the player dedication at Rich Sports Management so unique. This meant pouring over information, conducting a competitive analysis, opportunities for company growth, and the best presentation possibilities for this industry.

The Process

The creative team at GraFitz Group Network first undertook to develop Rich Sports Management’s existing logo and brand. We created a look that honored the existing industry aesthetic, but enhanced it with sleek, bold, versatile design.

“Cutting edge” was the look we were seeking for Rich Sports Management. David E. Rich was a highly qualified sports agent, and we knew his agency would skyrocket to the top of its field—so we believed his website should too. Using bold gold and black color schemes, clean lines, and top-of-the-line interfaces, the Rich Sports Management website quickly became a web presence worth taking notice of in the industry. We incorporated elements such as a fully functional blog, testimonials, player portfolio, and extensive information on who Rich Sports Management is and what they do. The team at GraFitz Group Network then began utilizing our extensive SEO and Key Word Ranking services to ensure that Rich Sports Management’s clients and potential clients would have no problems searching them out on the web.

Once we had established a web presence for Rich Sports Management, which would be an extensive information source for their clients, we began branching that information out into other collateral. From company business cards, to a yearly magazine portfolio, annual rookie trading cards, trifold brochures, DVD sleeves, and digital presentations, GraFitz Group Network was exploring a variety of avenues to expound upon Rich Sports Management, who they are, and what they do.

What We Did

Logo Design

Rich Sports Management needed a fresh, bold logo that would reflect their dedication and professionalism. The creative team at GraFitz Group Network developed for Rich Sports Management an up-to-date logo representation that would readily stand out in the industry. Our designers developed this unique logo while using creative elements that could readily be translated from digital, to print, to embroidery for apparel. We also developed brands for particular rookies.


Rich Sports Management got a cutting-edge, top-of-the-line look with their CMS platform website launch from GraFitz Group Network. This website features in-depth information on all the services Rich Sports Management provided, as well as researching the industry itself and exactly what makes the player dedication at Rich Sports Management so unique. We integrated elements such as a fully functional blog, testimonials, player portfolio, and extensive information on who Rich Sports Management is and what they do. The web designers at GraFitz Group Network also incorporated a mobile responsive design, so that is fully functional on tablets, phones and mobile devices, as well as desktop computers and laptops. 

SEO & Key Word Ranking

The SEO experts at GraFitz Group Network worked hard to ensure that Rich Sports Management would be readily accessible to their clients and potential clients. Everything from content, page titles, tags, and keywords is incorporated into making sure that our websites appear in a first page google search listing across the country.

Print Design

The main goal of the GraFitz Group Network team as they worked on creating memorable print design was to establish and reinforce a consistent look for the new Rich Sports Management brand. It was essential that all print collateral, marketing materials, and presentation materials have a cohesive style in all media. This included business cards, annual rookie cards, a DVD sleeve, and a full size magazine portfolio, which would be followed up annually with smaller, updated player portfolios.

Digital Presentation

While high quality print collateral is a great way to leave a part of your presentation with your clients, the presentation itself is equally important. We created a sleek, informative, visually appealing digital presentation for Rich Sports Management, in order to ensure that their potential NFL players can interact with their company agency processes in depth.

The Conclusion

The team at GraFitz Group Network was given a project by a client, and managed to take that project to the next level. At GraFitz Group Network, we care about the growth of your business; it’s our favorite part of our job. When we see opportunities to help our clients grow and expand their business, we’re always ready to tackle the challenge.

For Rich Sports Management, this meant a branding overhaul to carry through all forms of media. GraFitz Group Network has assisted in making Rich Sports Management more accessible to potential clients, more able to keep customers informed about who they are and what they do, and has ultimately provided avenues for Rich Sports Management to shine as the high quality sports management agency they are. Rich Sports Management is now a national agency with 8 office locations, and David E. Rich has negotiated over 45 NFL contracts since 2003.

Our goal at GraFitz Group Network is to help your business show off everything you do, and let the world know you’re out there. Our team will take up any challenge to help your business make that happen.  

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